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Welcome to Pameroy Management Ltd. Currently PAMEROY is the only Corporate Services Provider, fully dedicated and specialised in the setup of private banks and bank formations offshore. Setup, Licensing Preparations, Licensing Support and all you need to build up your perfect banking infrastructure.



Core Competences

Acquiring of financial licenses and offshore bank licenses. Licensing preparation, support and delivery of useful add-ons to extend your business and maintain your infrastructure according to the requirements for banking institutions. Your offshorebank and banklicense deserves a perfect setup and on-going services.

PAMEROY is also specialised in

- Registered Agent Services
- Company formation in more than 20 countries with focus on the Pacific region

- Corporate Services

- Fiduciary Services

- Portfolio Structuring for Hedge Funds

- Acquisition of financial business licenses within Free Zones

- Preparation and legal setup of ICO launches

Services in regards of offshore bank formations

- Setup of AML Manuals

- Setup of business plans incl. 5 year revenue forecast

- Setup of Internal Procedures

- Setup of Guidelines to prevent Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, implementation of OECD financial framework

- Privacy Policy & Legal Disclaimer Setups

- Licensing applications

- Permanent licensing support with regulators and updates

- ICO legal framework and road map creation

Certificate of Incorporation IFLS Corporate Services Ltd
Certificate of Incorporation Pameroy Management Ltd

Kundensicherheit und Bankpartner

Die Begleichung von Setup Invoices, die Zahlung für fortlaufende Corporate Services sowie jährliche Lizenzgebühren und weitere Dienstleistungen werden bei Pameroy Management Ltd ausnahmslos über Corporate Accounts per SWIFT oder SEPA ohne zusätzliche Transferzuschläge angeboten. Für Payments via Bitcoin wird ein Mark-Up von 6% zugerechnet, um Volatilitäten bei der Konvertierung in FIAT Currency auszuschliessen. Es gelten die aktuellen BTC Preise vom Datum und der Uhrzeit der Rechnungslegung.


02/1997      Pameroy CorpServices (Pacific) Ltd

The official start to become official partner / introducer for Corporate Services Provider on the Pacific Islands of Vanuatu, the Cook Islands, Marshall Islands and Nauru. In just 10 years PAMEROY became the largest introducer for company setups in the Pacific Region, before the internet has even been established with its endless sales opportunities.

04/2006       Acquisition of Elan Siam Co. Ltd

Acquisition of clients of insolvent Elan Siam Co. Ltd, a former Chiang Mai-based management consultancy with representative offices in Vientiane (Laos) and Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

05/2015      Realignment on Financial Licenses

Increasingly tighter and stricter regulations on the financial markets and stricter requirements on license holders have opened up new prospects for offshore and onshore markets. The acquisition of offshore finance licenses in less bureaucratic jurisdictions laid the foundation for a complete reorientation of PAMEROY's corporate policy.

12/2016      Pameroy Management Ltd

Merging the Offshore Business from Pameroy CorpServices (Pacific) Ltd and the Financial Licensing Service Companies Setups to Pameroy Management Ltd, a holding company founded on 30/12/2016 on the Marshall Islands / Register 88139. Pameroy CorpServices (Pacific) Ltd has been closed.

11/2018      IFLS Corporate Services Ltd

Formation of IFLS Corporate Services Ltd on the Marshall Islands (Register 99123) as a stand-alone entity, performing exclusively Introduction Services incl. IBC Company Setups and Corporate Maintenance for companies in the Comoros, Marshall Islands, New Zealand and Cook Islands on behalf of Pameroy Management Ltd. 

2019            Outlook 2019 / 2020

In addition to the Comoros, Pameroy Management Ltd is also seeking to set up two further Offshore Registries Services agencies, which are compliant for the business register administration, legal implementation of corporate foundations under the International Business and Company Acts and applicable OECD legislation on AML for the specific jurisdictions. Win-win on both sides; non-efficient administrations benefiting from Pameroy's expertise and PAMEROY as the official company registrar itself.


PAMEROY is active with company formations in the following countries. Either by PAMEROY itself or through cooperations with legal partners, Corporate Services Providers and others:

  • Comoros / Anjouan, Moheli and Moroni 

  • St. Vincent & The Grenadines

  • Vanuatu

  • Mauritius

  • Bermudas

  • Seychelles

  • Cayman Islands Special License

  • Puerto Rico

  • Costa Rica

  • Cook Islands

  • Republic of Georgia

  • Kazakhstan

Please inquire about the individual rules and requirements for the licenses in the different countries. Without exception, the complete and standard packages of the Comoros, in particular the licenses of the autonomous regions Moheli and Anjouan, are described in detail on this website.

Licensing through PAMEROY & partners

In addition to PAMEROY's know-how and concentrated expertise, licensing acquisitions require best connections to the relevant regulators, excellent and trusting cooperation with local lawyers and corporate service providers.

Since licensing procedures can take months to years in some onshore countries, Pameroy is specialised in the acquisition of offshore bank licenses to enable a smooth and fast turnaround of the entire procedure for the applicants. In contrast, the hybrid banking licensing solutions will be submitted to you for verification and licensing in a few weeks via verified and reputable partners. Especially in offshore destinations, it is essential to know who you are dealing with, to which party you are transferring customer setup payments.

The entire license procedure for the applications up to the creation of KYC and AML policies or the business plan setups are managed and provided by PAMEROY. 


PAMEROY's employees, most notably the Licensing Department, can look back to years of experience and expertise in dealing with tax authorities and regulators.


Your personal advisor in all regards of bank formations with PAMEROY is:


Data Safety und Updates

Data security is very important. Not only your data as an application for a banking license, PAMEROY and its partners also access the highest standards for the upcoming customer account management system. Inhouse, all servers for filing customer documents are only accessible via the intranet. Neither personal information nor company information is stored on media connected to the Internet.

Regardless of the high security measures, we are personally in contact with you via email, telephone, skype or telegram and update you about your bank formation status and provide you with the latest information on development and progress.

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