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Bank Add-Ons

Marketing Companies, Crypto Tools or Payment Solutions - PAMEROY customers are in the best of hands when it comes to support and other tools you may need for your bank and its international promotion or expansion. All services are reserved exclusively for PAMEROY license customers.

Valuable and priceless add-ons for your bank.

Add-ons for your banking license or financial group that you can exclusively book from Pameroy at any time. OffshoreBank and BankLicenses made easy.

Certificate of Good Standings - annually


A Certificate of Good Standing certifies the legality of your company with all regulatory requirements;  whether register and stamp fees or license fees have been paid.


At the same time, this key document is needed to arrange account openings or even to convince investors of the clean and intact corporate infrastructure to regulatory or registry authorities.

Price incl. VAT for Bank:  550.00 EUR

Price incl.VAT for Depository Agent:  375.00 EUR

Merchant Account with EU SEPA Access


Get access to the European Economic Payment Area (SEPA) and offer customers exclusive deposit options within the Eurozone. Process your customers cheaply, quickly and safely. Our partners are fully regulated Electronic Money Issuers or Payment Services Providers with EU Cross Boarder licenses according to MiFID.

Price incl. VAT for Bank:  on request

Price incl.VAT for Depository Agent:  950 EUR

Corporate Identity Creation


No own corporate identity? Our partner agencies will help you quickly and easily, creating business cards, letterheads, customer applications, forms and everything a bank needs to work with you. Also color schemes and logos can be created. Decide what suits you most and talk with PAMEROY.

Price incl. VAT for Bank:  on request

Price incl.VAT for Depository Agent:  on request

Und was können wir sonst noch für Sie tun?

Ask us. Monday to Friday from 5:00 am to 1:00 pm Central European Time. Public holidays in Vanuatu and the Marshall Islands may affect availability.


+852 8191 4752

+44 20 7193 7190


Certificate of Conformity - External Audit Certificate


Customers give you confidence - why not back up this trust? Pameroy Management Ltd acts as an external audit company and, upon request, would like to certify to your bank on a monthly basis that your bank is in good standing and that it stores, hosts and processes according to ISO standard (software) data. If you want to track your financial strength by means of an audit, we are happy to arrange additional auditors for you who will certify this to you and your clients after viewing the relevant documents. Monthly, 12 times a year. Price per calender month.

Price incl. VAT for Bank:  550.00 EUR

Price incl.VAT for Depository Agent:  375.00 EUR

LEI NUMMER - Legal Entity Identifier


In the meantime, it is essential for companies to be listed in a clean manner and to enable the public to access the relevant register - ideally for countries without publicly accessible commercial registers. The Legal Identifier Code is available worldwide through all LEI issuing agencies. End users can also enter this and convince themselves of the existence of a company. Company name, address and headquarters, date of establishment are mentioned. The LEI code is renewed annually. Personal details of directors and shareholders are not public.

Price incl. VAT for Bank:  on request

Price incl.VAT for Depository Agent:  on request

How it looks like? Check out Pameroy's LEI Number

Virtual and Real Office Services in Southeast Asia

Virtual Office Kuala Lumpur

Offer clients as well  to meet, call or mail you. Our offers for Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur allow you to maintain a representative office for your bank on attractive terms. Without exception prime locations are selected. Up to 10 hours of meeting room usage / month included. Free flow of drinks and also English-speaking reception of your calls with your own local landline numbers.

Price incl. VAT for Bank:  up from 450 EUR per calender month.

Marketing companies worldwide incl. accounts

Conduct promotional marketing through low-cost offshore and onshore companies and settle clean with your Georgian Depositary Agent or Private Bank.

We have shelf-companies in Georgia, Mauritius, the Seychelles, the Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, the Cook Islands, Belize, the Cayman Islands and the Comoros ready for you.

For Georgia, Vanuatu and Mauritius, we also offer exclusive bank accounts in addition to the offshore companies in the package. You are welcome to ask for the prices.

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