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  Offshore Bank Formation


Establish your new own Private Bank Offshore and offer Current and Savings Accounts, Asset Management, Fiduciary Services, giving Investment Advice oder grant loans and issue your very own Debit or Credit Cards. Become a SWIFT Member and gain access to all possible payment facilities to transfer customers funds worldwide or receive funds from all continents. E-Banking Software Solutions inclusive. Fast turnaround of 5-7 weeks.

NOTICE: Our preferred jurisdictions do not require paid-up capital or security deposits. The banklicense / offshorebank formation without headaches.



Become licensee and start your own private bank. Issue your own financial products to the public and become a PRIVATE BANKING INSTITUTION - of course with an A-Class Bank License (General License).

No Taxation / Full Tax Exemption

The license to conduct a full banking business. The Highlight: All profits and generated income as a bank are fully tax free.

Correspondence Bank Accounts Included

The Payment facilities are to be provided via special Depository Agents we install and setup for you. Also third party accounts via Electronic Money Issuers and Payment Services Providers possible.

Payment Facilities for your new offshore private bank

Paid-Up Capital / Security Deposits to Setup Your Bank

By selecting the right jurisdiction a Security Deposits or Paid Up Capital is not required to get started. You better invest your capital to build up the infrastructure or invest in a long-term success for your own bank.

* Debit Card Programs and SWIFT applications are services provided through third parties. The requirements on the day of application with the third party providers apply.

1. Setup and Licensing of your bank.

2. Setup Payment & Depository Agent

3. Online Banking Software Configuration

4. Licenses for Bank and Depository Agent

5. SWIFT & Debit Card Programm Application*

6. Approval of Correspondence Bank Accounts

7. Start online your operations worldwide.

Bitcoin & Crypto Currencies

Get your bank ready to process crypto and crypto related payments and offer this service next to the FIAT currency processing and remittance services. By using your new  Depository Agent / Collector feel free to issue even your own Tokens within a professional and licensed ICO Launch. Also the Security Token Trading will be an approved and licensed activity. Take it a step further and put old-established credit institutions in the back seat with your innovation. Enable processing for Merchants, promote and initiate your own ICO Launch  (Initial Coin Offering) offer legally a trading platform for crypto currencies. PLUS: Your own crypto currency or any other digital security can be come an official wallet and account currency. Benefit on exchange commissions anytime, anywhere worldwide.

e-Banking & Account Management

Offer current accounts for individuals and corporate clients and process on behalf of third parties their payments day by day - worldwide. In our Superior Package an e-banking software full license is already included, that can be configured easily to your needs. Also logo, colours etc can be amended to fit your Corporate Identity. The digital customer files, the account management, compliance access , account setups and configurations (currencies, interests, duration and requirements) can be managed and controlled worldwide by secured access. In addition payments and their initiation can be secured by using modern technologies and security measures such as TAN Generating and SMS verification. The software is also ready to manage digital wallets and accounts. Of course, the software and all components are ISO certified.

Possible Options for you and your bank:

  1. Create own funds and portfolios

  2. Conduct Asset and Wealth Management

  3. Trade any kind of securities (listed or not listed) on behalf of third parties within Managed Portfolios / Managed Accounts

  4. Offer Family Office Services for High Networth Individuals

  5. Grant loans, overdrafts or mortgage services or even micro loans and earn your share on interests, fees etc.

  6. Offer Trustee Services

  7. Issue your own investment products / securities / bonds. Underwriting of Securities is a permitted activity.

  8. Issue Bank Guarantees and Bank References

  9. and much more. Talk to us in case of more questions.

Funds, Asset / Capital Management and More

Asset Management, Underwriting of finanancial instruments, Investment Funds, Dealing in Securities or even simple transactions in Foreign Exchange - all of this you will be able to conduct with your Private Bank Offshore. The permission to offer credit and lending services such as loans, consumer credits, overdrafts or mortgages is a huge plus . You will not face restrictions unlike licensees in Caribbean jurisdictions.

Open current accounts for individuals and corporate clients and advertise with NON-FATCA reportings or data exchange obligations for your new banking institution.

A huge potential of interested clients is waiting for you, especially those who wish privacy, discrecy and a tax friendly environment for their funds and assets.

Debit Cards & SWIFT

After the Bank License is issued, you can apply for your very own SWIFT Code or Debit Card Program with checked and reliable PAMEROY partners. Increase your reputation by offering card products or simply enable people to verify you and your new offshore bank worldwide by checking your institution's SWIFT Code. We will be happy to assist you!

*The approvals for your banks Debit Card Program or the SWIFT Code application depending on the Compliance decisions of third parties. Fees will be negociated directly between you and the third party suppliers. 

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